200th Anniversary

The Sugarloaf Township celebrated their 200th Year Anniversary on Saturday, September 5, 2009 at the Larock Recreation Complex in Drums.

Photos of the 200th Anniversary Celebration

Signs advertising the event.

View of the celebration being setup.

Setting up the canopy on the stage for the 200th celebration of Sugarloaf.
L to R: Tom Mundie, Duane Hildebrand, Judy James, Marie Guza, Phil Guza, Rich Zanoline, Brett Mowrey, Spike Frederick, and Drew Zanoline

Some 200th Celebration Committee Members (Ben Dagostin)
Front: Earl Miller, Helen I. Roth, Lisa Welch
Middle: Moira Dagostin, Eunice Frederick, Duane Hildebrand, Bob Marchetti, and Rich Zanoline
Back: Barry Ervin, Tyler Frederick, Pat Genetti, and Drew Magill

Alex, Sybertsville Post Master

Valley Chief’s scoreboard at the Joe Larock’s Sports Complex

County Commissioner Steven Urban, Supervisor of Sugarloaf, Earl Miller, and Donna Palermo from Hazleton, who presented a plaque from the Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce.

County Commissioner Steve Urban and Supervisor of Sugarloaf Twp, Earl Miller. Urban presented a Resolution from the Luzerne County Board of Commissioners.

Senator John Gordner, holding a congratulatory document from the PA Senate.

Sugarloaf Fire Co. ambulance

Sugarloaf Fire Co. Inc. fire engine

The Lehigh Valley Medical Helicopter on display.

Lehigh Valley Medical Helicopter taking off

A flyover from an ultralight aircraft

Sugarloaf Township Supervisors: Earl Miller, Bob Stanziola, and Tyler Frederick

Supervisor Bob Stanziola

Roy Koch of the Valley Vets presenting the flag to the Sugarloaf Supervisors

Senator John Gordner, Tom Mundie, Chief Robert Ferdinand of Hazleton Police Dept, Sgt. Josh Winters of Sugarloaf Police Dept, Chief Charlie Altmiller of Butler Police Dept.

Sgt. Josh Winters of Sugarloaf Police Dept., Chief Robert Ferdinand of Hazleton Police Dept.

Sgt. Josh Winters from Sugarloaf Police Dept. and Chief Robert Ferdinand from Hazleton Police Dept.

State Trooper Anthony Petroski, State Trooper John Stravinski, Patrolmen Richard Naprava from West Hazleton Police Dept, and State Trooper James Meyers

State Trooper James Meyers. Hazleton’s finest: William Gallagher, Thomas King, Mark Zola, and Cpl. David Coffman

Policemen honored for their bravery in the shootout in Sugarloaf Township on July 10, 2009.
L to R: Chief Charles Altmiller of Butler Police Dept., Chief Brian Buglio of West Hazleton Police Dept., Patrolmen Richard Naprava of West Hazleton Police Dept.
State Troopers: Anthony Petroski, James Meyers, and John Stravinski.
Sugarloaf Police Dept. Matthew Williams, and Sgt. Josh Winters.
Butler Twp Police Dept Brian Zalutko, Timothy Jacobs, and Eugene Rafalli

Policemen honored for their bravery in the shootout in Sugarloaf Township on July 10, 2009.
L to R: Matthew Williams, Sgt. Josh Winters Sugarloaf Police.
Butler Patrolmen Brian Zalutko, Timothy Jacobs, and Eugene Rafalli
Brett Brown, Sugarloaf Police
Patrolmen from Hazleton Police Dept: Mark Zola, William Gallagher, and Cpl. David Coffman, and Chief Robert Ferdinand Hazleton Police Dept.

Tyler Frederick (Township Supervisor), Matt Williams (Sugarloaf Police), Earl Miller (Township Supervisor), Sgt. Josh Winters (Sugarloaf Police), Brett Brown (Sugarloaf Police), Bob Stanziola (Township Supervisor)

A Skydiver

Nighttime Fireworks

Nighttime Fireworks

Nighttime Fireworks

The Black Creek Band

The Mud Pond Boys

Doc. Gorski & Friends

URS Our Proud Voices

Tricky Trays (Photo by Moira Dagostin)

Historical items on display.

Beautiful hand carved wood artwork.

WWII Reenactment
Left to Right: Joseph Spaniel, David Ferdock, Justin Ackerman, Paige Thomas, Taylor Thomas, James Thomas

Valley Vets raise the flag

Valley Vets lowering the flag to present to the Sugarloaf Supervisors. At left, Ray Koch, Valley Vets Commander.

Amanda Ackerman and Lisa Welsh whom designed the logo for the Sugarloaf 200th Anniversary celebration.

Left to Right: Helen I. Roth, Rich Zanoline. Helen took all the photos and did all the captions for the calendar for the Sugarloaf 200th Anniversary celebration. Rich helped organize the photos and sell the calendars.

All photos taken by Helen I. Roth unless noted otherwise