Sugarloaf Recreation Board

The Sugarloaf Recreation Board meets the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm.


  • Raleigh Masters, President
  • Chris Auker, Treasurer
  • Nathan Yost, Secretary
  • Millini Skuba
  • Jessica Busch

Reserving the Larock Pavilion

To reserve the Larock Pavilion or for more information please call Raleigh Masters at (570) 582-5525.

Tomhicken Recreation Board

To Rent the Tomhicken Building, please call Nora at 570-359-3576.

The Tomhicken Recreation Board meets the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm except for January, February, and December.


  • Gary Nenstiel, President
  • Jeff Judge, Vice President
  • Nora Bellum, Treasurer
  • Sharon Judge, Secretary
  • Deborah Heintzelman, Recreation Director

Tomhicken Playground

Mailing Address

Tomhicken Recreation Board

PO Box 575, Sugarloaf, PA 18249

Building Rental Information

  • The building has a kitchen & restroom facilities
  • Seating capacity: approximately 75
  • $150 deposit required (returned following event)
  • No alcoholic beverages or smoking is permitted
  • Donations accepted

Tomhicken Recreation Building


Meetings are subject to change. Call the Sugarloaf Township office at (570) 788-3575 to confirm and for more details