Zoning & Planning

The Zoning Hearing Board meets the fourth Monday of every month at 7:00pm pending any hearings to be held.


  • Attorney Stephen Seach
  • Tim Mundie
  • George Maue
  • Dean Hilliard

Meetings are subject to change. Call the Sugarloaf Township office at (570) 788-3575 to confirm and for more details

Zoning Officer

Henry Mleczynski

Phone: (570) 881-9874

Email address: sugarloafzoning@ptd.net

Office Hours: Thursdays 4:30pm to 6:00pm or by appointment

Zoning Fee Schedule

Residential Inspector

Brad Kowalski

Phone: (570) 233-3172

UCC Inspection Fee Schedule and Residential Building Permit Application

Commercial Inspector

Blue Mountain Inspection Services

Carl Faust, Owner

Tel: (570) 943-2577

Fax: (570) 943-3031

Commercial UCC Inspection Fees & Permit Application

Township Engineer

Dennis Peter

Peters Consultants, Inc

(570) 752-4433


Berwick, PA

Bloomsburg PA

Secondary Engineer

RJD Engineering

Tel: (570) 459-2609